From the initial consultation to building permit, we are committed to providing our clients with exceptionally precise, thorough, thoughtful and compliant residential design and architectural services. Here is a closer look at the different residential services we can provide for you:


New homes

Building a new home is an exciting process that is full of possibilities. But unfortunately, it can also be full of rules, regulations and limitations. When designing your home, our design team works with homeowners together to integrate their ideas and preferences to the project to collaborate the unique and energy efficient home. Catering to the diverse needs of each client, we can provide a genuine custom solution working closely with our client.

Knock down, rebuild

If you love where you live but would like a new home, then consider the advantages of knock down rebuild. Stay in your neighbourhood with your familiar amenities and friends you know.

Knock down rebuild has demolition costs but also has savings by not having to pay stamp duty on the property.
In some cases, knock down rebuild can be more cost effective than renovating your old home and saves all the drama involved. We can arrange council approval, the design of your choice and organise the construction of your new dream home, even the landscaping…you just move in.


Additions and renovations

We can assist in re-modelling and adding onto existing homes. Providing our clients authentic design ideas, weather increasing the size of the existing house or internal work, we have the experience to provide innovative custom or traditional style design solutions to make your project a success.

Multi-units and apartments

We pride ourselves on quality designed multi-unit/apartment developments, open communication with clients and an efficient process to maximise the potential of our client’s property.

Whether our client is a first time or an established developer, our design team can provide on the spot advice and set clients project on time and on budget whilst complying with the regulations governing Victorian subdivision, commonly known as ResCode.

Construction Design