We offer affordable quality plans for planning and building permits. Our experts specialise in residential and commercial design. Some of the services we prepare and/or organize include:



Understanding your individual needs – this enables us to get a clear understanding of your brief, project scope and budget.

Concept Design

We collate all that we identified from our initial client brief to get creative and unlock the potential of the project by planning out the key design ideas. We then discuss the concept design, which can include drawings such as floor plans and elevations.


Town Planning

In some instances, council approval may be required before building permit can be issued. 

Jari Building Design team can design a development layout for your property that meets your local council’s town planning policy framework, and also complies with the regulations governing Victorian subdivision, commonly known as ResCode.

We understand the town planning stage is the most crucial stage in any property development and our design team are keen to assist our clients to ensue with correct design options and to maximise the development profit.

Construction Documentation

This stage, our design team take the drawings produced at earlier stages and begin refining them even more to prepare a drawing package that is suitable for the builder to ensure your design intent is carried through. From overall form down to smaller but significant details – we take a complete and considered approach to each of our projects using the key identifiers our client highlighted to create a unique impression once built.

Construction Design
Building Designers

Building Permits

We are able to coordinate, prepare the relevant drawings required and work with relevant consultants to make this process as smooth as possible.

Whether you are designing your dream home, or you are a property developer, our design team is willing to help. We are known for being prompt and upfront about keeping to client’s expectation.